Venable's  5140 Stability Analysis FRA Software is based on the renowned K-Factor™ Software*,  and designed for use with the Model 5140 Field FRA. The 5140 Stability Analysis Software is created from the new Version 6 Stability Analysis Software.  It is geared specifically for taking measurements in the field and has all the data display, math functions and export capabilities found with Venable's Stability Analysis Software that ships with our laboratory grand instruments.  The circuit synthesis and simulation capability can be added with an optional license upgrade.
























Venable software is built using Qt 5.6.0 under LGPL licensing. Source code for Qt libraries are available here

Download Venable Stability Analysis™  Software Version 6

Venable Stability Analysis Software Version 6 utilizes a new graphical user interface to bring you all the features found in earlier versions.  Use Version 6 for your 5140 Field FRA.