Stability Testing of Multi-Loop Converters 

Measurement of loop gain and loop phase shift versus frequency is generally possible with single output power supplies or multiple output supplies where each output is independently regulated. These measurements are necessary to determine the phase and gain margins and insure stability of  the feedback loop. Measurement requires access to a point where the loop is confined to a single path. Such a point does not exist in many low-cost computer power supplies, and these supplies constitute the numerical majority of power supplies manufactured today. Download this white paper to learn techniques for overcoming this obstacle and obtaining loop data even where a single signal path is not accessible. In this white paper, you'll learn:

stability testing of multi loop converters WP cover

• Stability Testing of Single Loop Converters

• Examples of Circuits with Multiple Loops

• Stability Testing of Mulit-Loop Converters

• Circuits Powered from the Output They Are Controlling

• Feedback from Multiple Outputs

• New Methods for Testing Stability

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