In 1983, Venable launched the renowned K-Factor Software*, still in use by many instrument manufacturers today. Venable has elevated the original software with its innovative Stability Analysis™ program. Go straight from measurement to design with Stability Analysis, as its  dynamic functionality eliminates lengthy manual value calculations and guesswork. Compensation amplifier synthesis capability, or coefficients for digital power supplies, enables user to achieve the exact feedback loop bandwidth and phase margin desired on the first try. Version 5 will continue to be supported for legacy instruments.

Venable Stability Analysis Software 5.6 Manual  Download 


FRA MODELS 350 (5060/5060A), 3120, 3215, 3225, and 3235 EOL

June 30, 2020 will mark the completion of End of Life for the Legacy 3000 Series. Key electronic components for the 3000 series are increasingly difficult to obtain or are on the path to obsolescence with our suppliers.

  • Until June 30, 2020 we will continue to support Repairs, Calibration, and Software Support
  • After June 30, 2020 we will continue to support NIST Calibration and Software Support
  • After June 30, 2020 we will no longer support Z540.1 Calibration and Repairs
3000 Series FRA EOL


Download Venable Stability Analysis  Software Version 5.6

Venable Stability Analysis™ Software Version 5.6 brings you all the latest features for measurement, synthesis and simulation.  User Version 5.6  if you Venable FRA was manufactured in prior to 2019.