Protection Precautions for your FRA

By Ford Mays - October 02, 2023

One of the unique features of Venable Instruments’ Frequency Response Analyzers is input/output isolation. The generator (oscillator) output and measurement channel inputs are isolated from chassis ground, and are rated to 600Vpk. This allows the user to connect the generator and channels directly to the circuit under test. However, there are some considerations that Venable FRA users should note to prevent damage to the instrument. The 600Vpk rating is a common mode rating with respect to chassis ground, but lower voltages can cause damage. The following presentation discusses the differential ratings of the generator and channels and how impedance settings affect these ratings.




Distributed Power: What Causes These Systems to Oscillate

Distributed power systems can oscillate, especially when driving one power supply with another power supply. Download this white paper to learn what causes distributed power systems to oscillate and how you can prevent oscillation.
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