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Almost fifty years ago, H. Dean Venable pioneered a new method for analyzing and compensating power supply control loops (all servo loops for that matter).  At Venable Instruments, we have continuously refined our Frequency Response Analyzer systems, providing features such as isolated/floating inputs and outputs, modular instrument architecture for upgrades and software featuring circuit synthesis and simulation.  Below we've pulled together top content that address stability analysis:

Blog Content

Stability Analysis of Switching Power Supply Feedback Loops (Series of 4 Blog Posts)

Feedback Loop Injection Levels for Measuring Loop Gain

Using the Servo to Set Feedback Loop Injection Levels for Measuring Loop Gain

How Much Phase Margin do I Need?

Current Mode Control Power Supplies

Modern SMPS Control Loop Testing

White Papers

Stability Testing of Multi-Loop Converters

New Techniques for Loop Stability Testing in Power Factor Correction Circuit

Optimum Feedback Amplifier Design for Control Systems

Specify Gain and Phase Margins on All Your Loops





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