Calibration and Service

Keeping Your Instrument in Tip-Top Shape

Calibration is essential for confidence in your instrument’s accuracy, we recommend sending your instrument in once a year for calibration.  Only through proper test instrument calibration, to ISO-Certified industry standards, can you be assured that the reading you obtain from your instrument is accurate.  Many other FRAs on the market require self calibration every time the instrument is powered up – which is inefficient, time-consuming, and susceptible to human error.  Additionally, Venable Instruments is one of the only FRA companies that offers ANSI Certified Z540.1 Calibration.


Calibration Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a NIST and Z540.1 Calibration?
Firmware/Hardware updates of instrument
Retrievable calibration data
What if the instrument is currently not working properly?
Calibration Timeline
How to ship your instrument to Venable Instruments
Estimated Costs
What if my organization’s device is no longer supported?


The difference between a NIST and Z540.1 calibration

NIST calibration means that the device has been compared directly with a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard reference material and the device has been calibrated to meet the requirements for the instruments.  Z540.1 calibration requirements are typically for industries such as aerospace that require yearly calibration.  Z540.1 uses standards set out from the American National Standards Institute.  

Firmware/Hardware updates to instrument

Both NIST and Z540.1 calibrations have been updated to improve phase accuracy.  This update will require your instrument’s firmware to be updated for compatibility (as needed) for a successful calibration.  Z540.1 calibration requires an additional hardware update.  Instruments impacted include 350c, 5140 (firmware update only), 6300, 7400 and 8800 series instruments.

This update does not include legacy instruments (3120, 3215, 3225, and 3235) which are EOL as of June 18, 2020.  Read more

Retrievable calibration data

Providing “As Found” and “As Left” data is standard procedure for both NIST and Z540.1 calibrations.  However, in the event that Venable has to open your unit for a customer pre-approved repair, the “As Found” data will no longer be obtainable.  Repaired/opened FRAs will be provided with “As Left” data.

What if the instrument is currently not working properly?

Functionality Tests are performed once the instrument arrives at Venable Instruments to ensure the instrument is in working order and has up-to-date firmware/hardware (as needed).  If the instrument fails the Functionality Test we will notify your organization prior to evaluating the instrument for repairs needed.

Instruments identified as working properly but failing the Functionality Test will be charged a failed calibration fee.

What is the timetable for calibration?

Standard lead-time is typically 14-28 business days after receipt of your organization’s FRA.  FRAs requiring additional repairs will extend the typical timeline.  Expedited turnaround time may be able for an additional cost, please call for availability.

How to ship your instrument to Venable Instruments?

Ground shipping to Venable Instruments is not recommended.  Preferred shipping is 2 Day Air with UPS or FedEx.  Please package your instrument to avoid any damage in transit, we encourage at least 3 inches of adequate packing materials/foam around the device.  Do not include accessories.  When shipping your FRA please include a copy of the RMA request and notify us by email.

Please note if you FRA requires a new box and packing materials for sending back, there is an additional fee.

Estimate costs for calibration?

Costs for calibration are dependent on the type of calibration (NIST/Z540.1), numbers of channels, hardware updates, and any needed repairs.  Estimates are provided prior to starting work on the instrument.

What if my organization’s device is no longer supported?

Venable Instruments offers trade-in offers for devices that are no longer supported as well as when technology requirements changes.  For a quote including a trade-in instrument click here.

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