ESTi Accessories for Enhanced Measurements

ESTi Thermocouple

The ESTi thermocouple interface provides ESTi the ability to collect temperature measurements using off the shelf thermocouples. This can be used to monitor temperature variations in a device under test. The thermocouple interfaces allow each ESTi to monitor up to 4 thermocouples. Linear calibration for each thermocouple is provided in the ESTiViewTM software. The thermocouple interface operates from a 5 VDC power supply, connects to the ESTi via digital communications bus and currently supports Type K and Type J thermocouples.


ESTi PolyCell Fixture

This is a direct four contacts point KELVIN PROBE fixture (minimize voltage drop due to loading) . It has 2 Power drive contacts (CE and WE), and 2 Sense contacts (RE+ , RE-). The cylindrical probes have a large contact area with gold-coated contacts. These probes can handle high current up to 5 Amp and large voltage of 18 Volt. The fixture has a unique mechanical design which allows the moving Negative probe to tilt, slide and lock along the length of the fixture to accommodate several types of coin and cylindrical battery cells (from the smallest coin cell CR2016 to the longest Li -Ion 21700 cell).


ESTi Custom Cable Test Leads

Venable Custom cable with a UL recognized safety certificate (AWM STYLE 20176  80 degree C, 30 Volts VW-1). This test lead cable has 4 electrodes (CE and WE (Drives), RE+ and RE-(Senses)) one end connects to the front of the ESTi Channel via an XLR Neutrik power connector and terminate onto an alligator clip on the cell end.  The maximum current is 5Amps.

Cable_Medium size