Component Characterization

Parasitic elements do not show up on the schematic or parts list!

RLC measurement is one of the many uses of the Venable Frequency Response Analysis Systems. This function can be greatly enhanced by adding the RLC Measurement Package to provide an accurate, easily used instrument for measuring values of resistors, inductors, and capacitors, and values of one or two additional parasitic elements. For example, the user can simultaneously measure the capacitance, ESR, and ESL of a capacitor.

Measured values of components of the circuit under test are displayed on the screen. If the user defines minimum and/or maximum values for any component and measured values are not within specified limits; the system “beeps” and highlights the out-of-spec values.

Venable's Expertise Is Your Key to Success

The Sum of All Parts

Characterize Critical Components

Characterize Critical Components

The datasheets tell us what the manufacturer wants us to know about their parts.  Venable's RLC Measurement Set will tell you the rest of the story, revealing important component characteristics that play a significant role in ciruit performance.

How Low is that

How Low is that "Low ESR"?

In a single sweep, one can see the performance of capacitors, inductors and resistors over frequency. ESR, ESL and self resonant frequency are revealed in graphical and numeric detail.


Transformer Parasitics Revealed

Measure the DC resistance, open circuit inductance, leakage inductance, self-resonant frequency and winding capacitance of any transformer.

Galvanic Isolation in the Feedback Loop

Galvanic Isolation in the Feedback Loop

Sometimes you have to have an optocoupler in you feedback loop.  Measure the current transfer ratio (CTR), including AC effects and bandwidth.

Using CAE/CAT Tools to Evaluate Power Supply Parasitics

Though much attention has been focused recently on modeling of power supply circuits, parasitic elements are a major drawback, and have greatly diminished the success and effectiveness of modeling. Values of parasitic elements are not easily determined, but can be measured and accounted for.

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