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Venable Instruments' next generation of precision measurement solutions for power supply and energy storage testing.

Frequency Response Analyzer Overview

Frequency Response Analyzer Overview

Venable Instruments provides the most versatile, full featured Frequency Response Analyzers to customers in industries where precise testing and measurement tools for power electronics design are fundamental.

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Electrochemical Testing Instrumentation

Electrochemical Testing Instrumentation

Venable is introducing the most flexible and powerful electrochemical test instruments in the industry featuring scalable hardware and easy to use software.

Stability Analysis Software

Venable Instruments' Stability Analysis Software

All of our lab instruments are hardware and software systems, which includes the Stability Analysis Software, which is based upon our renowned K-Factor analysis method originally developed by Venable.  

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Venable's System Input and Output Impedance Measurement Capability

Venable’s  Input/Output Impedance Measurement Set enables the engineer to perform input impedance, output impedance and conducted audio susceptibility measurements on systems while the systems are under operational power.  

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Component characteristic (RLC) Measurement Capability

Component Characteristic (RLC) Measurement Capability

The RLC Measurement Kit provides an accurate, easy-to-use instrument for measuring values of resistors, inductors, capacitors, and their parasitic elements.

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Injection/Isolation Transformers

Injection/Isolation Transformers (Bode Boxes)

The purpose of injection/isolation transformers is to accurately couple an oscillator signal into a feedback loop with minimum distortion and/or capacitive coupling.

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Venable Instruments

Why Venable?

Venable Instruments Advantages

modular architectures

Venable's Test Instruments feature modular architectures which supports a level of scaleability unsurpassed in the industry.


Venable Instruments is located in Austin, Texas, USA.  All customer support is provided from this location, providing users timely response to inquiries and solutions.


Venable's instruments carry calibrations that ensure that the user's measurements are accurate and repeatable. This includes ANSI Z540.1 for FRAs and extended working temperature for Battery Testers.

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Systems Control Loop Solutions from Venable

Master Your Power System

Stabilty Analysis Software

Venable's Stability Analysis Software allows you to measure and characterize power supply plqnt (modulator) performance, create appropriate compensation (feedback), and thusly achieve desired closed loop performance

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 RLC Measurement Kit

Did you get a free inductor with that resistor?  The RLC Measurement Kit provides an accurate, easy-to-use method for measuring values of resistors, inductors, capacitors, and their parasitic elements.

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The ability to characterize source and load impedances under actual operating conditions is essential to preventing unwanted system interactions.

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Find and read about all the different topics regarding power supply stability, system impedance, different measurement techniques and much more!

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