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The industry’s most reliable battery and power system test instrumentation.

Take precise and accurate measurements

Take precise and accurate measurements

Extremely precise frequency response analyzers (FRAs), with bandwidth from 10 uHz to 40 MHz.

Battery Test Solution

Thermally Calibrated for harsh environments

The ESTi Battery Testing Instrument is thermally calibrated from 0o to 50oC, ideal for use in harsh environments

Simulate and synthesize

Simulate and synthesize test results

Graphical software provides the insight you need for confidence in a power system.

Accurate and Reliable FRAs

Test Your Power System Design with our Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA)

Built-in Isolation

Built-In Isolation

Up to 600Vpk with laboratory instruments -- no separate isolation transformers required

Extreme Computational Precision

Extreme Computational Precision

DFT computation using 48-bit math techniques compared to standard 32-bit floating point math

High Bandwidth

High Bandwidth

Bandwidth from 10 uHz to 40 MHz

4lb FRA 

4lb FRA 

A high-accuracy, smaller, portable FRA for field applications

Best In Class Measurements

Best In Class Measurements

Frequency resolution, gain accuracy, phase accuracy, number of data points, integration times/number of cycles

Powerful, Intuitive Software

Powerful, Intuitive Software

Adjustable parameters during a data sweep rather than sweep averaging to reject noise for accurate measurements

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Companies Around the World Rely on Venable Instruments

Global organizations develop power systems that meet stringent field performance demands with Venable Instruments

Our Products

Test and Measurment Instruments

Venable Instruments' next generation of precision measurement solutions for power supply and energy storage testing.

Our Applications

Frequency Used Applications

Test and Measure Your Power System with the Most Accurate and Reliable FRA specially designed for circuit designers and systems engineers.

About Us

The standard for power system test

For the last 40 years, Venable Instruments has provided the industry standard for reliable power system test instrumentation.

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Keep Your Distributed Power Systems Stable

Stability issues in distributed power systems are often caused by a lack of understanding source and load impedance interactions. Under certain conditions, power bus oscillations can occur, wreaking havoc with the power system. Keeping distributed power system operating in stable manner is a main concern of power system designers and engineers.

This white paper discusses common causes and how you can be proactive in preventing your distributed power system from oscillation.


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