The Two Extra Element Theorem

By Dr. R. D. Middlebrook - January 04, 2022


The Two Extra Element theorem (2EET), a logical extension of the single EET, enables a transfer function to be assembled, essentially in final form, from separate calculations on a circuit model that is simpler by the absence of two elements.  The 2EET provides not only a potentially shorter, simpler, and easier analysis method, but also contributes a Low-Entropy Expression in which the ordering and grouping of terms contains useful design-oriented information.  As an example, the 2EET is employed in design-oriented analysis of a bridged-T filter.

R.D. Middlebrook, “The Two Extra Element Theorem”, IEEE Frontiers in Education, Twenty-First Annual Conference, Purdue University, Sept 21-24, 1991, pp. 702-708.






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