Low-Entropy Expressions: The Key to Design-Oriented Analysis

By Dr. R. D. Middlebrook - January 20, 2022


The perception of many electronics design engineers is that they are able to apply few of the formal analysis methods they have been taught, and are largely unprepared for the realization that Design is the Reverse of Analysis.  Suggested here is a different perspective for teaching, based on the premise that only analysis that is design-oriented is worth doing, and that results should be presented in Low-Entropy Expressions.  High- and Low-Entropy Expressions are described.  A simple analog circuit example illustrates one Method of Design-Oriented Analysis: Doing the Algebra on the Circuit Diagram

R.D. Middlebrook, “Low Entropy Expressions: The Key to Design Oriented Analysis”, IEEE Frontiers in Education, Twenty-First Annual Conference, Purdue University, Sept 21-24, 1991, pp. 399-403.

Video Presentation of Technical Therapy for Analog Circuit Designers Part 1 A video lecture and notes are under Chapter 2 - Low Entropy Expressions: The Key to D-OA.






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