Top Content of 2020


An Introduction to Dr. R. David Middlebrook's Design-Oriented Analysis 

A look into some of Dr. Middlebrook's achievements and impacts on the industry, and how his methods and insights aided Michael Gray, the author, in his design work

Measuring the Input and Output Impedance of Power Supplies

A three-part series about the importance of source-load impedance measurements.

Stability Analysis of Switching Power Supply Feedback Loops

Explore the many reasons for conducting stability analysis, including to assure the feedback loop is free from oscillations under all conditions, to minimize the circuit response time to transient disturbances, to minimize input filter requirements by maximizing loop bandwidth, and to minimize the power supply's output impedance and improve transient load response. 

How Much Phase Margin Do I Need

When discussing the stability of a power supply - or really any system with negative feedback - we usually evaluate the phase margin as the primary indicator. This raises the question, "How much phase margin do I need?"; the answer is often "It depends."

Benefits of Frequency Domain Analysis in the Design and Optimization of Motion Control Systems

Dive into a discussion about the benefits of motion control engineers using frequency domain analysis rather than time domain analysis in their designs and planning.

Relating Converter Transient Response Characteristics to Feedback Control Loop Design

There is often much confusion about the fundamental relationships of time and frequency domains as they pertain to the design of the feedback control portions of power supplies. In this whitepaper, the relationships between loop gain crossover frequency, phase margin, and transient response will be demonstrated so that the best possible dynamic performance can be achieved from a given power supply.



What's New

SIAD Software

In 2020, Venable Instruments launched a new software called System Identification, Analysis, and Design, or SIAD. SIAD is the complete software package, designed to easily estimate the transfer function from any measured frequency response data, translate it into the time domain, analyze the transient response, and tune the PID compensation model. 

Energy Storage Test System ESTi

The Energy Storage Test Instrument (ESTi) combines capabilities into a single, easy-to-use instrument that measures programmable voltage, current, constant power, and electronic load for energy storage cell test, including super capacitors and fuel cells. 

Application of ESTi to Electrochemical Device Testing

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