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Measuring the Open Loop Gain of an Operational Amplifier

Mike Gray outlines the steps for an FRA to be used to measure the characteristics of semiconductor devices such as the open loop gain of an operational amplifier.

How to Use the Servo Function

Video feature that explores the Servo Function using Venable's Stability Analysis V6.

When to Use a Bode Box Injection/Isolation Transformer

Ford Mays' blog post that discusses error signal injection isolation devices and their pros and cons.

Bode Box Verification Test

Blog post outlines a Bode Box test to verify that the injection transformer is working correctly using a Frequency Response Analyzer FRA.

Significance of Kelvin Measurement in Electrochemical Device Testing

Advantages of utilizing 4-electrold (Kelvin-type) point test instrumentation when testing Voltage and current.

PID Tuning of Control System Performance Using FRAs

PID control and tuning is the most advanced and essential tool of the trade available to engineers as they rise to meet this emerging demand..

Solving Practical Engineering Challenges in Motion Control using Frequency Response Analysis

Solving practical engineering problems in motion control using a frequency response analyzer (FRA) and SIAD software to tune the system.

Tuttle's Topics

Ford Mays' series that unpacks five key topics within Wayne Tuttle's paper, Relating Converter Transient Response Characteristics to Feedback Loop Control Design.

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What's New

ESTi Nexus - The Energy Storage Test Instrument (ESTi) combines several test capabilities into a single, easy-to-use multi-channel instrument  measuring programmable voltage, current, constant power, and electronic load for energy storage cell test, including super capacitors and fuel cells.

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