Video Presentation of Technical Therapy for Analog Circuit Designers Part 2

By Dr. R. D. Middlebrook - April 13, 2020

Published with the permission of Dr. Middlebrook's estate.


Dr. Middlebrook's Technical Therapy for Analog Circuit Designers, featuring Design-Oriented Analysis "How to get more results for less work".

Part 2 includes Chapter 6-11 with chapter notes, class exercises and videos.

Chapter 6 - Null Double Injection (NDI) and the Extra Element Theorem (EET), click here for notes Part A and Part B

Chapter 7 - The Input/Output Impedance Theorem, click here for notes.


Solution 7.1 - Click here for notes


Chapter 8 - Feedback: An Improved Formula, click here for notes.

Chapter 9 - All about T, click here for notes Part A, Part B, Part C.

Chapter 10 - How much Phase Margin is Necessary? Click here for notes.

Chapter 11 - How to Measure T, notes for Part A, Part B, and Part C.

Part One Includes Chapters 1-5 - Technical Therapy for Analog Circuit Designers


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